SunTouch Radiant Heat Floor Mat

With a SunTouch radiant heat floor mat, your floors will feel as if the sun is constantly shining on them.

There are two (actually three, but the third is not of much use) styles of radiant heating in popular application today: hydronic or water-based, and electric. Either uses a network of heating elements under the flooring to warm it up so it can radiate warmth upwards where is beneficial. (The third system, forced-air, has not come to wide use due to inherent shortcomings and so is out of consideration, though it functions the same way basically.) One of the significant innovations in electric radiant heating is the SunTouch mats.

What is a SunTouch Radiant Heat Floor Mat

SunTouch is actually a registered trademark of Watts Radiant, a Watts Water Technologies company. SunTouch is registered as trademark for a series of products related to electric radiant heating, primarily a mat design that affords many advantages to its user. The trademark is also used as brand name for several cable design variations, underfloor and outdoor mattings, and control systems.

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SunTouch mats essentially consist of a pattern of resistive electric wires attached to a mat which controls the wires so they do not move out of place during their radiant heating installation. They are of varying designs but are essentially made the same way and applied in similar conditions and for the like purposes: to make the house floor, bathroom flooring, tile walkway, cement driveway, or virtually any floor, warm as to be comfortable.

An anatomy of a SunTouch Radiant Heat Floor Mat

Two components make up a SunTouch mat: the heating element and the mat support. The heating element is composed of two copper wires wound helically around each other, and a series of insulation layers. Each oxygen-free wire is independently insulated by an Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) polymer that is both flexible and long-lasting. The wires are then enclosed in braided metal for grounding, and the whole ensemble is placed inside a tough jacket that is resistant to mechanical damage, water-, oil- and chemical permeation, and electric conduction. Those intended for bathrooms may even be encapsulated within a tough transparent outer jacket.

The SunTouch wires are attached in parallel lines onto a plastic matting for easy installation.

The various SunTouch Radiant Heat Floor Mat designs

The SunTouch mats series of products consists of several designs specific to different purposes.

Electric floor heating mats. This is basic SunTouch mat design as described above. It, however, can still be divided into various designed for different electric voltage ---120v and 240v—and mat widths of 12 inches, 24 inches, and 36 inches, suitable for use in particular room dimensions.

Floor heating cable. Unlike the heating mats mentioned above which has the wires in preset lines, the cable is run solo without mats. It is tacked onto the floor using galvanized straps and thus is ideal for custom layouts of irregularly-shaped spaces, or to work around set objects like columns and posts.

Underfloor joist mats. These SunTouch mats are designed to be tacked under the subfloor as retrofits to existing floors without replacing the floor coverings. Unlike the standard mats, the underfloor mats come complete with insulation. Underfloor SunTouch mats are usable only if the underfloor has enough crawlspace for the installer to work. They are ideal, however, for tacking under the second storey floor.

SunTouch ProMelt snow melting mats and cables. These SunTouch mat or cable is designed for use in exterior walkways, driveways and garden paths where snow and ice may be present during the cold months.

Installing a SunTouch Radiant Heat Floor Mat

Installation of SunTouch mats is quite easy, and virtually any handyman or someone with some mechanical aptitude can do it.

First, the room is measured and the required SunTouch mats computed. Next, the mats are laid-out and tacked onto the floor via staples, small nails or glue. The SunTouch mats can be cut to conform to the space requirements. A thin layer of concrete or gypsum is then poured over the mats and allowed to cure. Finally, the finish floor is laid on the concrete.

If the finish floor is tiles, the tiles may be laid on without waiting for the concrete to set so they may adhere to the cement.

SunTouch mats are designed as ready-to-use electric radiant floor heating elements, and judging from its acceptance in the market, it has succeeded in its aim. So if you are thinking of radiant heating system for your home, consider the SunTouch mats. You cannot go wrong.

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