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Adding a SunTouch radiant floor to tile, or laminate can be a great way to add a wow factor to any project. Walking on a warm floor is an amazing feeling, especially in the middle of the winter.

A SunTouch radiant heat system is simply an electric mat or wire system that lies right underneath your finish flooring. It rests between the subfloor and the finished floor no matter if you choose a mat or wires.

To activate it, you hook up the electric mat to a special thermostat that heats the flooring up to your desired temperature.

Suntouch Radiant Floor

SunTouch Radiant Heat Products

The most popular choice for electrical radiant heat is mat system. Many different sized mats are available. Above is a picture of an electric mat. It is a remarkably simple system. It's like adding an electric blanket into the floor. The mat warms up and passes on radiant heat to the entire floor. This electric heat is situated right below your feet, so it is also very efficient.

For larger projects, SunTouch recommends using SunTouch Warmwire. This system involves attaching wire to the subfloor and then stretching it to fit the room. When the wire is set, it is covered with masonry and the finish flooring. The SunTouch Warmwire system costs less than a mat, but it is harder to install.

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One way you can retrofit a home with SunTouch is to use their UnderFloor mats. This SunTouch product involves rolling the UnderFloor mat under the subfloor between the floor joists. This system can be used to heat up hardwood floors, as well as tile or laminate. You do have to insulate this product beneath the UnderFloor to make sure all the radiant heat energy is going up into the floor.

You can purchase programmable thermostats for your SunTouch system. For instance, if you know you will be in your bathroom to get ready for work every weekday from 6:30am to 6:45am, you can program the thermostat to warm the floors for just this time. It takes about 30 minutes for the floor to reach a desired temperature, but the thermostat knows this, so it will begin the heating process at 6:00am to make sure the floor is nice and warm upon your arrival.

Suntouch Eliminates Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs)

There are several brands that make electric radiant heat products, but SunTouch is one of the few that makes high quality products with electro magnetic field canceling technology. Simply put, you and your family will be safe with SunTouch radiant products. The electro magnetic field created by some radiant heat systems are as strong as if you were lean up against a microwave that is in use. Make sure to research any other electric radiant heat products if you don't want to choose SunTouch because you shouldn't have to deal with an EMF.

Can a Do-It-Yourselfer Install a Suntouch System?

If you are handy, you can tackle installing an electric radiant heat system. If you can lay down tile, or laminate flooring, there is no reason why you couldn't install a Suntouch system. We do recommend you contact an electrician to wire in the thermostat and connect the wiring to the electrical grid.

To learn more or to purchase Suntouch products, click here for Electric Radiant Heat Mats.

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