Rebuilding with Radiant Heat after Tornado

by Jewel
(Cullman, AL)

On April 27th 2011 (this year) we lost our home in Cullman City Alabama to a Tornado. I had just lost the function of my left kidney (I am 68, retired nurse.)

My husband is very ill with terminal COPD and Diabetes 2 requiring massive insulin injections 3 times per day. We had homeowners insurance but did not realize we were under insured. We had worked hard to improve our home we purchased in 2007 on my birthday. We have had the same insurance company for 45 years.

Due to my husband's poor health and breathing difficulty we are building back on a concrete slab. It is a beautiful lot and I had just finished a Bird Santuary. A mother Robin never left her nest in a Weeping Cherry Tree. The birds hatched after the storm and flew away before the house was destroyed.

The local newspaper (The Cullman Times) did a featured story about our loss. Our downtown had massive destruction. I have been intrested in the PEX plumbing for awhile now. We will use Laminated and Tile flooring. The heated floor sounds wonderful expecially since I have to consume Iron to keep my blood count up (Iron Def Anemia.)

I especially love the idea of having my bed room real warm while my husband has to have his cooler due to the breathing difficulty. I also love the idea of the heat after getting out of the shower. I also think the warmed floors would be soothing to my arthritic feet. I only have an empty lot but should get blueprints this week from Leonards in Cullman.

Products for sale - Radiant Heat Supplies

Thank you for these new products. Having worked as a nurse in concrete floor buildings this would be great for the elderly.

Jewel Hall (Former Ms Sr Cullman County, 2 times First Alternate Ms Sr Alabama)

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