Radiant Space Heater - Portable Solution to Home Heating

A radiant space heater is a friendly and portable solution for a variety of home heating needs. You don't have to overhaul your current system when you can just add some heat as needed.

Once the main heating system inside the household can no longer do its job of heating and warming the interior, then that’s the time ‘help’ should be in place. Help in this case can come in the form of radiant space heater- it’s a portable solution for quick and instant heating needed for a small area or room inside the house. This is also the go-to option if the homeowner thinks that it’s too costly to go forward and maintain the main heating system. In part, this can be referred as an efficient solution if one would use the space heater to heat a small area inside the house say the home office. And this can be best used if a member of the household would want to have a warmer feel in her part of the living room since the space heater can be expected to deliver a more focused home heating.

How the Radiant Space Heater Works

The space heaters that are available in the market can offer between 10,000 Btu to 40,000 Btu per hour. These heaters are powered by a number of fuels including electricity, natural gas, propane and kerosene. Most of the heaters work through convection, or these can also work through radiant heating. The convection-based space heaters that are not fitted with fans usually rely on the natural circulation of air inside the room in order to disseminate heat instead of using the fan to force the heat into the environment. Thanks to this kind of operation, the space heaters that work through the process of convection generally works with less noise if compared to the heaters that are fitted with fans.

These types of space heaters are available in different designs. But when looking for these heaters, it is recommended to look for the ones that contain the heat transfer liquid like oil. This is usually heated by an electrical part of the device. Heat stored in the fluid is that one that can provide a constant and even heat.

In terms of operation, the other types of heaters available are the ones that work through radiant heating. The space heaters that work through radiant heating will provide infrared radiation and this will directly heat up the objects and the people that are inside the room. Compared to the convection types, these types of heaters are considered as better and more efficient if the intent is to remain and use the room for a few hours. These heaters feature glowing quartz or any form of metal and reflector that provides the focused heating on one area. Again, it should be remembered that these heaters will provide heat to the area closest to the heater and will not heat the whole room.

Whichever is chosen, it is important that safety should be the over-riding motivation when selecting these space heaters. It has been noted that a good percentage of household fires is linked to unattended space heaters. Some household injuries are also linked to the use of these heaters. For this reason, it is important to carefully select the best radiant space heater that will be used inside the house.

There are some guidelines that should be followed when shopping for the heaters. For example, it’s recommended to look only at the ones with safety features in place and those heaters inspected by the Underwriter’s Laboratory. It is also recommended to look for the thermostatically-controlled heaters and this will help prevent overheating inside the room. And when using the space heaters, it is recommended that these should be placed away from heavy foot traffic.

Advantages in Using a Radiant Space Heater

• Delivers focused heating. Just place this near the area or the person who wants a warm environment, and in no time heat is delivered evenly;
• A cost-effective solution to heating since you no longer need to turn on the main heating system especially if the rest of the household members are just in the living room. Just bring the compact space heaters inside the living room, position the heaters in the best areas possible and the living can be heated appropriately;
• Space heaters also offer flexibility and mobility. When the heaters are needed on the next room, these space heaters can be unplugged and brought to the next room and;
• Space heaters come in different styles and designs thus homeowners can select the best ones that can match the style of the house.

Disadvantages in Using the Space Heaters

• When not properly maintained and used, these space heaters can cause fires and accidents and;
• Heating is restricted plus these can also have an impact on the health of the household members if not used properly.

Electric Space Heaters as Better Alternatives

Among the different types of space heaters, the electric-powered ones are considered as most effective and safer options. Still there are some risks involved so still the recommendation is to use these heaters with care. For example, electric heaters should be plugged directly into the wall outlet. It is also best to use the portable space heaters with a safety feature called the tip-over safety switch. The unit will automatically shuts off if the heater gets tipped over or when bumped off.

Is a Compact Radiant Space Heater a Good Investment?

With oil prices skyrocketing, it is a common reaction for many of us to look for alternative ways to save on money when it comes to heating costs. The good news is that yes, we can still save and we can do this by looking for radiant space heaters. These are good options that can help provide warmth and comfort to your homes, provided that these space heaters are used appropriately. They come in different types with different designs and with different set of safety features, so it’s best that you first check out reviews or do your own research. Or you can refer to RadiantHeatReviewer.com for details and help on how to find the best space heater for your needs.

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