Radiant Heat Floor Mat - Using a Electric Radiant Floor Heat System


The newest innovation in radiant heat is the radiant heat floor mat. Radiant heating systems have been used since ancient times. The Mughal Emperors in Asia, Romans and many other historical cultures used this system in various conditions and with various technologies. So there is a great history of the radiant systems.

In this era, where technology changes every hour, radiant heating systems has also many technologies which are still in development. The simplest way to incorporate radiant heat is by installing an electric radiant heat floor mat. This newer method involves rolling out a mat that has electrical wiring built in. The mat connects to the home's electrical grid. Then the mat will be covered up by the finish flooring. In homes where there is already heated forced air, you can add a separate thermostat to control your radiant floor heat.

When the mat is activated, it heats up the floor. The floors will be nice and warm to the touch. The best benefit of radiant floor heat is the comfort level you get. It really is unique and luxurious, although a radiant heat floor mat is quite affordable.

Radiant floor heat energy is all about thermal and electromagnetic radiation emitted from the surface of a heated object. The sun is the simplest example of a source of thermal energy that everyone is familiar with, and as such it is the same sun energy that people have harnessed to heat their homes as an alternative to electricity and the burning of fossil fuels. But the same principle of thermal radiation is applied to heat the elements of the flooring, and the radiant floor heat extends outwards.

It is always easiest to add an electric radiant floor mat during new construction. Take a tile floor for example. First you install the backerboard like normal. Then you put a small amount of thinset down. The electric mat is placed on this thinset. Another layer of thinset is put over the top of the electric mat. Finally, the finish flooring is placed above.

In an older home, you'll have to rip out the pre-existing floor and get down to the subfloor. Then you can start the process of installing the radiant heat floor mat.

Look at the graphic below of a Nuheat mat being installed step by step for a better idea of how simple it its.

A Nuheat radiant heat floor mat quick step by step guide.

Items to Consider before Installing Radiant Heat Floor Mat Systems

• The efficiency of your existing home insulation: Are the walls and ceilings properly insulated? It is best to insulate below the subfloor when using radiant floor heat. This makes sure the radiant energy is going up instead of down.

• What energy source will best suit your installation? If you are thinking of an electric connection are you in an area where one can get rebates for using electricity during off peak periods. Efficient installations require less to no electricity during the daytime when the sun’s rays are at their maximum and can be used to heat the home’s interior.

• What floor type do you want to use? Tile or laminate works the best for electric radiant heat. Hard wood flooring more commonly uses hydronic radiant heat.

Summary of Radiant Heat Floor Mat Systems

Radiant floor heating systems is friendly. It provides a comfortable heating arrangement, silent operation as well as energy efficiency and the ability to be environmentally friendly. Forced air systems have been the dominant systems for quite a while, but this is changing. It causes problem for people suffering from allergies which are worsened by having air forced in with all the dust and allergens suspended in the hot air. The best thing about it is you’ll never have to wake up to a cold floor.

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