Radiant Cove Heaters

Adding radiant cove heaters could be the key to improved energy efficiency in many different situations. Can a directional heating be duplicated inside the household? The answer is yes with the help of the radiant cover heaters. Typically fitted just above the windows, glass walls and even the bathroom mirrors you can actually welcome focused and ‘one-directional’ warm air that can effectively warm the room and all the other objects inside the premises.

There’s a reason in the use of the word ‘cove’ for these types of heaters that produce radiant heating. The reason for this is that the heater is usually installed in the cove of most old room designs. And since the cove heaters are installed on walls, and just below the ceiling this kind of set-up allows you to freely use the floor space.

There is another advantage in its installation. Since these heaters are installed near the ceiling, then the panels that radiate the heat can supply that warm air on a downward direction that is not blocked by any household item or furniture. And since the heat warms objects and the household members directly, the intent of keeping warmed throughout the cold spell is realized quickly.

How the Warm Air is Generated by the Radiant Cove Heaters

These heater panels are designed to warm any objects or things in its path, thus the walls and the furniture pieces that are present inside the room help in the provision of heat reserve that sustain the heat produced within the area. In some designs of the heaters, minimal amount of the heat is not radiated and instead used to warm the surrounding wall and ceiling. And this kind of action allows for the convection-type of warm air that help sustains and maintains the warmth inside the given space.

Design Considerations of the Heaters Explained

Most designs of these heaters feature that aluminum panel which is in term wrapped in the vitreous enamel. These panels are the things that radiate the heat within the room. Think of the action and the direction of the warm heating as similar to the kind of warmth and heat as produced by the sun. The only positive difference is that the warmth can be controlled with the use of the thermostat. And if the area is divided into zones, then each area can be independently controlled with the use of the thermostat. This feature allows you to set multiple temperatures for different ‘zones’ within the households.

Here’s one key in making sure that these heaters deliver the best warming solution inside the room. Make sure that the room or the house is properly insulated. Insulation is important since this will keep the heat or the warm air within the area or room. Forget about the convenience offered by these cove heaters if there are no radiant heat insulation solutions that are in place. Even if the cove heaters are of exceptional quality, still if there is no insulation or the insulation is poor then this will push the heater to produce more heat thus needing more power.

The Many Advantages of Radiant Cove Heaters

It is already an accepted fact that the use of these heaters is cost-effective and energy-efficient. But the question is, how did these heaters become truly energy-efficient? Here are some of the major reasons why many consumers are looking at these cove heaters:

• Cove heaters are cost-effective since these panels make use of electricity which is way cheaper than natural gas and propane gas that are used for other heating alternatives. There is no respite in the increasing costs of natural gas. According to an analysis, there will be continued volatility with the prices of natural gas, thus using these panels powered by electricity makes good sense.

• Another advantage is that the panels are easy to retrofit. Placement is not critical for these heaters, and these panels can even be installed even on interior walls which then help in cutting installation costs.

• Also, these panels can serve as perfect accents of ‘architectural’ features inside homes and offices since many of these heaters come in a number of colors that can match the theme for the room.

• Radiant cove heaters help free up floor space since these are installed high up on the interior walls and the ceilings. And when installed on the doorways and the interior walls, the wiring cost is reduced.

Are the Cove Heaters Best Additions to Your Home?

Did you know that the use of radiant cove heaters for radiant heat is more efficient than using the electric baseboards? And when compared with the air-to-heat pumps, the savings are easily noticed. The savings realized here can be linked to a much more improved thermal convenience as delivered by these cove heaters. And speaking of maintenance, expect these heaters to lessen your headache. There are no motors, belts and filters that should be maintained and changed. In short, the use of this radiant heating source is maintenance-free.

Also in terms of application, there is nothing much to say about these heaters. In fact you will be given a lot of options on how this is used. For example, this can be used to heat a single room or even the whole house. This can serve as the main generator and supplier of warm air or its production can be used as supplemental heat. The use of the heater is also best for renovation needs (thanks to the variety in designs and colors). Also its use is best for kitchen, the bathroom and even family rooms and good for homeowners wanting to reduce the ‘chilly spots’ in some rooms.

These radiant cove heaters have complex roles to play, and the Radiantheatreviewer clearly illustrates that point. From a warm air generator to an architectural feature, you will realize that this one is a wise investment. Make use of all the resources posted here in deciding whether or not you will have these inside your home.

There is no question about it, radiant heating is important. But the next question is, how fit are the cove heaters for your own use? The information and resources provided by Radiant Heat Reviewer are more than enough to say that these cove heaters are good investments. These cove heaters are energy-efficient and that’s for sure. Also, installing these heaters is easy and low cost since there will be no duct work required. And if you are not the DIY type of consumer, then you can always refer to experts to do the installation works. If you are looking for quality home heating that’s not that expensive and easy to install, then have a good look at what these cove heaters can do. With the right creative ideas, these heaters can be even be used as home accents. The most popular radiant cove heaters on Amazon.com are the King KCV2407 Electric 59-Inch 240-Volt 700-Watt Convection Radiant Cove Heaters.

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