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For warmth in your home, there are Nuheat mats. When it comes to radiant heating of homes, many homeowners opt for the electric kind, mainly for the ease of installation, but also for other benefits. Unlike the hydronic kind, electric radiant heating systems do not need boilers, tubing, and thick flooring to function. Most electric systems such as Nuheat consist of wires embedded in a thinset layer of about 0.25-inch thickness, over which is placed the flooring material.

You can choose tiles, marble, stone, slate, wooden floors, laminates, even carpet and linoleum. Think of an electric blanket, and you can have an idea of the Nuheat system.

What are Nuheat Mats?

Nuheat is a design of electric radiant heat matting that consists of resistive wires inlaid in a mat of plastic strands. Attaching the wires to the plastic mat enables the wires to stay in their places, maintaining set distances between the wires, while it is being handled or installed. It is one reason the installation of Nuheat is so easy that virtually any one can do it, even if he is without much experience in the field. The regular spacing also makes for even heating once in use.

The Nuheat wires are copper or copper alloy covered by an ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) Tefzel insulation of about 0.0015-inch thickness minimum by American Wire Gauge standards. The wire is covered by a braided stainless steel grounding connection to about 85%. The ground wire is for safety purposes to detect any anomaly in the electric current flow. The braid is rated for 105°C and maximum 300 volts. Everything is then housed in a tough plastic tube.

Below is the simple three step process for installing a Nuheat mat. 1. Apply thinset. 2. Put the mat down. 3. Put thinset over the top and place your tiles.

Actually it is a four step process. Step four involves walking around on beautiful warm floors in your barefeet.

Put down thinset before applying Nuheat Place Nuheat mat on thinset Cover Nuheat mat with thinset and tiles or laminate.
Walk around barefoot on warm Nuheat floors.

Why use Nuheat Mats

Of the many electric radiant heating systems, Nuheat is a standout for many reasons that include:

Standard mats. Nuheat offers mats in rectangular or square configurations to fit regular room dimensions. However, the mat ---but not the wires!--- may be cut to conform to irregular spaces. In addition, Nuheat can custom-fit mats to any room dimensions, including curves and odd shaped spaces. You just send them the detailed room dimensions and they will prepare custom-fit mats for your use.

The Nuheat mats, standard or custom-sized, come in regular electricity connectivity of 110-120V and 220-240V household currents. Connections may even include thermostats with built-in GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter, a safety measure.

Easy installation - To install Nuheat mats, all one need is to lay a thinset on the subfloor surface if the floor is wood, or on a concrete slab. The Nuheat mat is laid over that and the floor material installed once the thinset has cured. It’s that easy.

Easy ordering - Nuheat ships orders within a 7-day timeframe, even custom mats, regardless of size.

Economical - The Nuheat design specifications require only 12 watts per square foot to produce 41 British thermal units. And because each lay-out is regulated by a thermostat, you can place-manage each room or area by independently and individually lowering or raising the temperature as needed. The thermostats provided are likewise programmable, so you can pre-set them for certain times and days.

Unobtrusive - Nuheat radiant heating mats are located under the finish floor so there are no ugly radiators to mar the room’s aesthetic design, no wires and cables to trip on, no baseboard vents to avoid. Except for the discreetly-placed thermostat, there is no evidence of the system in sight.

Guaranteed - A Nuheat warranty in defects that extends to at least 25 years is a strong indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in its product, something you can confidently rely on to give optimum service.

Virtually no maintenance needed - Even the thermostat is easily replaced if it malfunctions, while the Nuheat wires can last a lifetime before it needs replacement. The thermostats are Energy Star rated, meaning they have been tested and guaranteed to provide energy-efficient performance.

Versatile - The Nuheat system can be installed under almost any kind of flooring from hardwood to tiles, from concrete to linoleum. A different wet-space system design is also be used for shower stalls, bathrooms, and sauna benches.

Thin and flat - It is only about an eighth of an inch in profile so it does not raise the floor level significantly once installed. If the installation is correct, the floor may rise only one-fourth to one-half of an inch, a negligible difference.

Nuheat is just one brand of electric radiant heat. A lot of the choices out there basically offer the same radiant warmth, but may differ in prices. Honestly, no one product is superior to another. Find what looks the best for your situation and go for it. You won't be disappointed with the feel of a warm floor from electric radiant floor heat.

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