JGKitchens - An Interview with Designer, Jamie Goldberg

Radiant Heat Reviewer is very pleased to interview Jamie Goldberg of Kitchen and Bath Design, LLC. She is an interior designer, design writer and speaker on design topics. I found out about her from reading excellent design articles at her blog, JGKitchens, Gold Notes. She specializes in kitchen and bath design.

Radiant Heat Reviewer - How is your kitchen design book coming along, and when will it be out?

Jamie Goldberg - I just submitted text for the first half of the book. We've also chosen all the case studies. There are some amazing projects from across the country. The book is scheduled to publish in November of 2012.

RHR - A lot of the photos from Gold Notes look very sleek and modern. Is this your favorite design style? If not, what is and why?

JG - I don't have a favorite client style. One of my Sensible Style principles is that the kitchen should tie in with the rest of the house.

RHR - Sometimes, design trends come and only last for a few years, which can make a home look dated. Do you plan your kitchen or bath designs to be able to withstand the test of time and still look nice ten years from now?

JG - Absolutely!

Bathroom designed by Jamie Goldberg

The marble floor in this elegant master bath designed by Jamie Goldberg, AKBD, CAPS would warm beautifully under your feet with radiant floor heating.

RHR - You have written for numerous publications. Do you have a favorite topic to write about, or favorite publication to write for?

JG - I still do write for numerous publications -- Kitchens.com, Fine Homebuilding, San Diego Union-Tribune -- and my own blog. My favorite topic is kitchen and bath design. I don't have a favorite among the publications I write for. I enjoy the variety and working with so many top industry editors.

RHR - I’m a big fan of HGTV. Are you a fan of any home improvement or interior design shows?

JG - I used to be… Before I became a designer! Now I watch infrequently, both because the oversimplification of many misleads so many clients and because I like a more well-rounded life than design projects, design writings and design shows allows. If I ever do a show myself, I'd like it to be more realistic. I recognize, though, that realism and design entertainment don't always mesh well. But it would be valuable to show the real budgets, with labor, materials, permits, etc.

RHR - Up here in Wisconsin, we tend to use a lot of wood, (no painting on the molding or cabinets), and we also tend to use warmer colors. Do you think this is because the climate outside influences the design elements inside?

JG - I'm sure that's part of it. Culture and tradition would be two other strong factors. Finally, the woodsiness, I'm sure, fits one of my Sensible Style principles: your project should reflect prevailing neighborhood standards.

RHR - I love light tile floor, with radiant heat of course, in the bathroom, and wood flooring, specifically wider planks, in the kitchen. Do you have any favorite choices for flooring in either room?

JG - I like engineered wood flooring and rectified porcelain tile. I also like stained concrete, especially for indoor-outdoor living.

RHR - I can’t imagine that radiant floor heat is that prevalent in Southern California. Have you seen anyone use this heating system in a remodel, or are you at all familiar with radiant floor heat?

JG - It isn't prevalent here, (or in Florida, where I designed before), but I enjoyed it enormously in a hotel in Cologne, Germany when I was there for a trade show in January. I would definitely specify it if I designed in a colder climate.

RHR - You have four lovely websites, Gold Notes, Sensible Style Online, Home Blogs, and the Gold Notes Blog. You also are writing a book, and of course interior designer. How do you find the time for it all?

JG - Gold Notes is the only time-hog in the group! I do my best to post weekly, and I have to thank my terrific guest contributors for helping me achieve that goal. I'm actually a kitchen and bath designer, not a full-service interior designer. The way I find time is to be organized and prioritize.

RHR - Thanks for your time Jamie!

JG - Thanks for your interest, David.

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