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Perhaps you have heard of an electric radiant floor heating system. There are actually two ways to produce radiant floor heat; the electric and the water-based, or hydronic. Maybe you have been convinced that the hydronic version is superior because it is more economical, less dangerous, or easy to maintain. This may have been true in the past, but definitely not now.

Here were the previous thoughts on electric radiant floor heat. Electric radiant floor heating system may cause fire or shock or damage, which is of course logically sensible and therefore possible.

This may have been true right after World War II, when the radiant heating system introduced into the country. The technology was at its infancy then, so of course there were problems as this heating option was developing. Today, electric radiant floor heating systems are so safe they are even installed in bathrooms! You can imagine the risks involved in putting water and electric wires in juxtaposition. Shudder to think.

Perhaps it will help you to know the extensive safety factors. The biggest thing you need to know is that it electric radiant systems are totally safe as long as they are properly installed.

Protected wires and cables. The wirings of electric radiant floor heat are usually made of copper free from oxygen. That makes them long-lasting and flexible, this last characteristic being important in that they do not break easily, tremendously reducing the chance of sparking when connected to the electric current. The heating copper wire is then covered by plastic insulator designed to resist corrosion, chemicals and high temperature.

In many newer designs, there are two elements running parallel with each other, in order to shield the EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) generated by either wire. These two wires are then wrapped in metal grounding jacket (for safety) which is usually braided or woven for durability and flexibility, and the whole is again encapsulated by a tough urethane plastic outer tubing that is likewise impervious to chemicals, temperatures and light abrasion.

Very low or zero EMF radiation. Many versions of electric radiant floor heat use wires and cables also add foil wraps within the cable system to further reduce EMF radiation to virtually zero. EMF radiation when present in sufficient strength creates resonance within our bodies’ electro-magnetic fields, sometimes engendering negative effects. At the very least, it interferes with gadgets and devices that use electricity for power, including telephones, televisions, hearing aids and pacemakers. Unshielded electric radiant floor heating system wires then act as low power antenna that can cause static interference in electronic devices.

Multiple insulation. The electric radiant floor heating system wires are often covered with redundant insulation layers that protect the wires from chemical action, mostly alkalines and acids, from moisture that may cause shorting, as well as mechanical damage. The insulation layers are graded as well against high temperatures, which are not attained under normal use.

Laminated setting. For tile and concrete surfaces, the electric radiant floor heating system wires are sandwiched between mortar layers, or mortar and concrete, under the surfacing tile or slab, so there is practically no way the mesh can affect anybody standing over it.

For wood floors and under carpets, the radiant system wiring networks are usually laminated between fiberglass layers, or any other kind of plastic sheeting. Whatever kind of insulation they use, the layers are specifically designed for safety as primary manufacturing and utilization consideration.

The Benefits of an Electric Radiant Floor Heating System

Ease of installation. Most electric radiant floor heating systems are easily installed, a bit easier than the hydronic version, and can be easily configured to fit even low-angular corners such as those found in bathrooms, kitchens and recreation rooms. In short, they are versatile and flexible regarding floor configurations.

Saves electricity. Contrary to popular belief, you can save with an electric radiant floor. This is because the radiation action makes full use of the heat generated relative to the ambient temperature, where more heat is at lower levels used by people. In forced-air systems, the warmed air usually stays near the ceiling, where it benefits nobody but the guardian house lizard (if any).

You can also program a dedicated thermostat with the radiant heating system. In many cases, electric radiant heat is put into a tile bathroom floor. Program the thermostat to only heat the floor in the morning when you get ready for work, and the evening right before you turn in for the night. The tile will be warm to the touch at these times, giving you the sense of a luxurious spa right in your own home.Low maintenance and easily replaceable. There are no mechanical parts so no gears to wear out, and no armature bushings to replace.

Controlled warmth. Each panel or sheet may be fitted with a thermostat so that the level of heat being generated may be lowered or raised as needed.

So step up to warm floors and bathrooms. Say goodbye to snowed-in driveways and garden pathwalks. Contact your electric radiant floor heating system provider to install warmth in your home. Don’t even consider doing a floor remodel or a new pavement without it.

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