Easy Radiant Patio Heaters

Using easy radiant patio heaters allows you to enjoy cool summer nights, brisk spring days, or refreshing autumn evenings.

During the summer season, patios are extensively used. But come winter season, people can no longer enjoy sitting outdoors and enjoy the fresh air because of the cold and strong winds. Propane, or other liquid fuels, and electric radiant patio heaters are the most common choices.

With the easy radiant patio heater, you can still enjoy your patio even during the colder months. Aside from this, you can even maximize the use of your backyard during winter. A patio heater is actually a small heater that can warm an area with a diameter of 20 feet. Buying patio heaters is very practical since you can use it year after year when winter or cold days come. These heaters may be powered by either electricity, propane, or natural gas.

The Usual Use for Easy Patio Heaters

The patio heaters, also known as umbrella or mushroom heater, are the excellent alternative to a bonfire. It is usually composed of a burner which utilizes LPG or propane which is responsible for extracting heat within hence allowing you to feel the warmth despite the cold environment. Different patio heaters are commonly found in the market today and a number of them are guaranteed safe. Aside from its residential purpose, a patio heater is also popularly used by restaurants in order to grant the request of clients who want to stay outdoors for longer conversations. You can use easy radiant patio heaters for as long as you want. It is offered in various colors, shapes, quality and durability. Since the market is a rich source of patio heaters, you will now have the freedom of choosing the right model that would surely fit your needs.

Types of Easy Radiant Patio Heaters

Customers can choose between the two types of patio heaters: patio natural gas heater and electric patio heaters. The former is composed of natural gas lines that are connected to the patio heaters. This type is actually effective in producing heat and can provide warmth to a large area as compared to the other heaters available in the market. The patio natural gas heater stands 6 or 7 feet tall and its top is likened to a mushroom.

This type of patio heater is available in three basic types—portable, fixed, and free-standing. It is very common to see the natural gas heaters now at popular restaurants. Instead of forcing everyone inside when the sun goes down, and the temperatures drop, many people still enjoy the sounds and calm atmosphere of the outdoors with the help of the patio heater.

Meanwhile, the second type of patio heater is the electric patio heater. This type use infrared beams to heat up your patio. These heaters can be corded or hard-wired. The electric patio heaters are considered as the easiest type of heater to use can plugged to the existing electrical source found in your home.

Patio Heater Benefits

If you are the outdoorsy type, the patio heater is the essential addition to your home. It comes in stylish and chic designs; you will be instantly swayed on investing on a nice and durable easy radiant patio heater. If still not convinced, there are some patio heater benefits that might want to know.

The patio heater is very easy to use. They are also durable and weather resistant. If you want to protect your patio heater from the inclement weather condition, you can opt to install patio heater covers that are available either for the burner or for the entire patio heater.

Patio heaters have a stylish and attractive look. It is available in different colors such as red, blue, green, black, and stainless steel. Also, patio heaters allow you to enjoy longer summers without having to spend too much money. However modest your budget might be, you are sure to find a patio heater that will suit your needs at very low prices.

Patio Heaters Pros and Cons

The easy radiant patio heaters utilize shortwave heating and supplies radiant heat technology to provide you the needed warmth during cold days and nights. This particular technology prevents the heater from heating the air since the air can be easily blown hence the heat will not last that long. Once the heater is powered, it can generate heat at maximum level hence you can stay outside for longer periods. Meanwhile, the glowing quartz and reflectors are the ones that provide heat to a specific area in your patio.

And most importantly, patio heaters are very easy to operate. It only needs very minimal maintenance and are also cost-effective. So if you want to enjoy chilly nights with your family and friends or just want to have an outdoor family dinner, then the patio heater is the best option that you have. Lastly, it is environment-friendly and is pro health. It also does not emit foul odor and gets rid of irritations and allergies. Patio heaters are also available in different lengths and wattages so you can choose the best patio heater that lives up to your requirements.

However, the easy radiant patio heater has the capability of producing heat so you need to be very cautious in allowing your children to go near the patio heaters. You also need to keep it away from combustible materials including wood, plastic, paper and other materials that can most likely cause fire. And take note that your easy radiant patio heater must be placed on a leveled surface so it will not be easily blown by too much wind.

Since the electric patio heater is commonly used today, it can contribute to the rising of the current consumption tariff bills. Also, the electric patio heaters need much of your attention for maintenance and checkups. However, this is not to be understood that the natural gas patio heaters are much safer. The flammable gas and LPG can also cause fire so it is still your responsibility to extend care and caution each time you use patio heaters.

Another drawback of the electric patio heater is that it is expensive. They cost a lot more as compared to the natural gas patio heaters. However, you can still get your money’s worth because of its many advantages.

All information presented above by Radiant Heat Reviewer will help you rationalize the benefits and the costs of having this type of heater. Take time to digest all the information, and soon you will learn that this one is a wise investment.

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