Bamboo Floor and Radiant Heat

A bamboo floor and radiant heat is becoming more and more popular. In fact, with the introduction different types of subfloor, you can have any type of hardwood flooring. Bamboo is the most popular because this material doesn't expand or contract as much as hardwood when it is heated or cooled.

The radiant heating system does not heat the air directly like baseboard convectors, or heated forced air. It is not like warm air that rise above the surface. The heat beneath the flooring uses PEX tubing in the plywood or PEX tubing within a concrete floor. It is imperative for all homeowners to realize that radiant heating system can make your hardwood flooring dry, because the heat will rise from underneath.

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The most popular hardwood floor choice for a hydronic radiant heat system is bamboo flooring. The best thing about bamboo flooring is this surface is not affected by the heat, and it can withstand change in humidity. The performance of your bamboo floor will depends upon different factors like the installation method, the grade of the bamboo, maintenance, and the age of the bamboo that was used in installing your floor. It is better to do a little research and find the best company where you can get mature bamboo for your flooring, if you want to have successful hardwood floor radiant heat.

The method used to attach the bamboo to the sub-floor is very vital. The best way that you can used to attach the bamboo is with the use of glue instead of using a pneumatic nail gun. Although the nail can secure the bamboo flooring, it can also ruin the PEX heating tube within by penetrating too deep into the subfloor. There are some systems like Warmboard where the PEX tubing is directly below the hardwood floor. That way you can see if you are nailing into the subfloor instead of the PEX radiant tubes.

If you don't want to try glue or nails, you can float your bamboo hard wood floor. Hardwood can gradually deteriorate with frequent changes within the environment like rise in moisture content and quick change in interior temperature. The floating bamboo is the most stable, reliable, durable and efficient compare to other hardwood flooring that you can use for hardwood floor radiant heat.

Tips for Hardwood Floor Radiant Heat Installation

It is vital for you to do your research when planning on installing radiant heat within a subfloor or even in concrete when you want hardwood floors. You can even retro-fit a subfloor with hydronic radiant heat. It might take a lot of labor, but you won't have to disturb the finished flooring that is already in place.

If you want to install bamboo flooring inside your own home, but you already have radiant heating, it is important to let the planks get used to the room for a minimum of three days. This will give time to the flooring to handle the humidity as well as the heat by allowing the radiant heating to go through the heating cycle. Once the wood acclimates to the humidity and heat level of a home, it is less likely to expand or contract too much and create gaps or buckles after installation. A bamboo floor and radiant heat is not only beautiful once it is installed, but it is also incredibly comfortable.

How to Take Good Care of your Hardwood Flooring

Bamboo is the best hardwood that you can pair with your radiant heating system, but it can easily react to frequent changes in temperature. You need to maintain a constant level of heat and temperature. Once your bamboo flooring is installed over your radiant heating, it is important that you maintain the setting into a constant level. Your bamboo floor and radiant heat should maintain at least 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to bear in mind that radiant heating at a steady temperature will prevent your bamboo from any damages. You need to give enough time for your hardwood to get use to the temperature inside your room.

Bamboo is definitely one of the most useful grasses that can be found mainly in Asian countries. It is important to locate for trusted and reliable bamboo manufacturer, if you want the best hardwood materials that you can use as flooring. You can use bamboo floor if you want an effective hardwood floor radiant heat system for your home or room. The radiant heat system is definitely the most reliable and efficient for giving your family a comfortable and relaxing stay during winter months.

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